In Zimbabwe, a school semester is called a "term". There are 3 terms, 1st Term is Jan-March, 2nd Term is May-July,

and 3rd and final term is September - December!  

Every child looks forward to April, August and December school holidays!

  1. You can support 1 child's meal or transport cost  for 1 term ($2/day for 60 days) with a $120 one-time gift
  2. You can support 1 child's books and uniforms for a term with a $100 one time gift.
  3. You can support us with a recurring $10 a month ($120 a year) gift and keep a child in school all year!
  4. You can support a young girl for $300 per term ($100/month for 3 months) to stay in school!

Give in one of 3 simple ways:

1)  PAY WITH PAYPAL - You dont have to have a PAYPAL account! Use any Major Credit Card or Debit Card (above)

2)  Support a child via our RAZOO campaign button (right)

3)  CHECK/CHEQUE Donations: Make Check to: "Ten Toes Africa, Inc" -   PO. Box 406, Moorestown, NJ 08057 

**  Our organization complies with 501(c)3 status, and can receive tax-deductible contributions from donors, and we are eligible for private foundation grants. **   (EIN: 81-1026209)

Refund Policy:  If for any reason your donation does not process, we will not hold you responsible for the amount donated. Please contact us for any disputes of transactions.

Thank you for your generosity, sponsorship and support.

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