We offer Mentorship, through Education and Sport. We connect players with coaches, clubs and schools. With a network of professional coaches and former professional players, we offer coaching, discipleship, guidance and exposure to a world of opportunities, with outreach to the marginalized and at-risk youth in Zimbabwe & Southern Africa. Get in the game and join us - CLICK HERE!


**  Our organization complies with 501(c)3 status, and can receive tax-deductible contributions from donors *  (EIN: 81-1026209) -No goods or services of any value are provided to you in exchange for your donation.

Ten Toes Africa, Inc

Mentorship: We partner with local schools, former professional coaches and players, who offer life lessons, incorporating 

environmental sustainability, cultural exchange, and sharing the message of truth, hope & love.

Sport: We encourage healthy body, healthy mind. The wholistic development of the youth encourages them to grow, nurture and sustain their God-given talents and ability. We place importance on Nutrition and Sleep, especially where both are limited. 

Education: We are invited into the classrooms, to educate and engage children using Soccer2educate ; giving guidance and encouraging the future leaders of the community and country, on the importance of Education. The US Embassy of Harare offer SAT Prep assistance, and information on Colleges and Universities.